Social Media Marketing – 6 Essential Elements

Social media marketing is becoming incredibly popular with clients and businesses. Many businesses are embracing the great opportunity of using social media marketing and using fans as brand ambassadors who recommend their business to friends and other users and by sharing the contents of your site. It makes perfect sense for using social media marketing, but many companies don’t have social media strategies and techniques to help them use the marketing strategy to increase sales.

Here are essential social media marketing strategies that will work for you.


Social Media Marketing – 6 Essential Elements

Identify your business goals

Look closely at your business needs and what you want social media to help you accomplish. Every social media marketing strategy should help you reach the goals you’ve set. Come up with several personalized goals including awareness, reducing marketing cost and increasing customers. Choose the most important and focus on them first before moving on.

Set marketing objectives

Marketing objectives are what define how you fulfill your goals and how you get from point A to point B. Setting goals is not useful if you don’t have specific marketing objectives to guide you. Determine your objectives by choosing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

Allocate budget and resources

After setting goals and determining your objectives, look at those tactics and set your social media marketing budget to align with them. Use tools like email marketing, social media marketing, software or CRM services. Many businesses decide to set budget and the choose tactics that fits the budget, but you can use a different approach.

Create content strategy

Social media and content have a symbiotic relationship. With social media, your content won’t be known and without great content social media is worthless. Use the both of them to reach your prospects. The three main components for good social media content is, the type of content, posting time and how frequently is posted. You can use text, images, video and audios to create your contents.

Identify potential customers

Look at buyer’s persona, it will help you target the right audience, in the right places and at the right time. You know which age group, occupation, problems, motivations and objectives of your targeted customers, and then it will be easier and cheaper.

Research your competitors

When it comes to social media marketing don’t forget to research your competition. Compile a list of your main competitors, search their social networks and analyze their contents. They use the information to outshine them.




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