Social Media Guide 2017 | Paid Content better Than Organic?

Social Media Guide 2017

Social Media Guide 2017 | Paid Content better Than Organic? Marketing through social media channels is no longer promoting your content based around your brands products and pricing and deals.

It has evolved into an element of marketing based around re-marketing, customer acquisition and retention.

Over the years in the element forming for social media, the rate and volume of content being produced has reached extreme levels.

This makes it increasingly difficult to get your brands message across, raising a number of questions.

How can you get your brands message to your target audience with the amount of clutter separating you from them?

Is there any point of organic content on social media?

Do you need to have a big budget for paid content boosts to make any money?

The answer to these questions lies within knowing what the differences between paid and organic social media is.

Social Media Guide 2017 | What is Organic Social Media?

Organic social media is when you use the platform’s free tools to build a community around your business.

The goal of this community is to actively engage in your content by liking, commenting and sharing posts and interact with your customers/followers.

This will lead to generating traffic to your website without paying to sponsor or boost posts reach.

Social Media Guide 2017  | What is Paid Social Media?

As opposed to using your free Facebook/LinkedIn page or Twitter /Instagram account, paid social media is sponsored content or advertising to boost your post/ads reach to reach a larger number of people.

Basically, you are leveraging the platform to help achieve your goal by putting money behind your posts to boost or sponsor your content.

With paid social media content or ads, you can target a specific audience using a range of demographic tools to increase your social media reach or the number of people who are exposed to your businesses content.

This is done by targeting specific audiences through their interests, age, location etc, making them more likely to be interested in what your business has to offer.

Social Media Guide 2017 | How do you determine if you should be using Paid Social Media?

Going back a few years ago the idea of paying to advertise your business on social networks seemed silly and even desperate.

Why would you spend money on promoting your business when the platforms were free to use?

But over the last couple years we’ve seen dramatic changes to the social media environment.

Major platforms are making it pretty clear that marketing your business on social media will now come at a cost.

As social networks continued to shift into paid platforms, getting your brand’s messages seen by the ideal audience for your business will be almost impossible without paying to boost or sponsor your posts.

This is not only because of the endless volume of content currently being produced everyday and has been in the past, but also due to algorithm changes from the major platforms, which favour paid over organic content.

This in turns cause brands to have to pay to play.

According to a white paper released by Sprinklr:

“The average user is potentially exposed to 1,500 stories every time they log onto Facebook. Super social users are exposed to 15,000 stories. All of these stories compete against one another for users’ news feeds and attention spans. Rather than exposing users to every update, Facebook’s new algorithm filters news feeds using 100,000 different factors to decide which posts will get prime real estate on timelines and which ones will fade into the background.”

Good news is that paid social advertising is one of the most undervalued and under invested platforms.

In fact, Sprinklr reports that the spend on paid social is behind the user’s attention by 50%, or $5 billion- —making it prime untapped real estate for grabbing attention and driving conversions.

We hope this Social Media Guide 2017 has helped you gain more knowledge in social media marketing and general digital marketing.


Social Media Guide 2017 | Schalch Marketing

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