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Are you creating your landing pages to quality standard? Are you making the most of landing page optimisation?

Landing page optimisation seems easy enough to do and most people follow similar criteria to design their landing pages.

Most people view this as following a few easy steps being capture the user’s attention, list key features of your product and benefits persuade them to purchase your product/service and watch the sales continue to reoccur.

Just like any other digital marketing right? Pretty straight forward don’t you think?

The only problem is that it’s not this easy.

Effective landing page optimisation and designing the perfect landing page involves a lot of hard work.

There is a criteria you do need to follow but for each individual business and target audience, that criteria will be different. There is also a large amount of information you’ll need to gain before beginning to design your magnificent landing page and .

This information will contain:
• What is your target audience thinking?
• How did they find you landing page?
• What headline will grab their attention?
• What type of device they are using?
• What problems they are facing?
• What will make them to convert to your company?

The last dot point above is the most important question of all. The most important aspect of landing pages is their ability to convert visitors into customers.

So with all that in mind, here are 5 Landing page optimisation and sales tactics that will help you turn your visitors into customers.

1. Less is More

You may often hear the saying “less is more” in marketing.

If you over do what you are trying to achieve, the results you are aiming for will often be on the negative side rather than positive.

This is no difference when you’re creating a landing page. Or focusing on landing page optimisation for that fact!

If you are over filling your page with unnecessary information, you will more than likely distract and confuse the user rather than see them make a purchase.

On aspect that marketers make mistakes is by showing multiple offers in the same landing page.

This can easily reduce your conversion rate by up to 266%!


2. 5 Second Rule

The world is in such a rush now meaning only one thing.

Everything happens quickly!

It takes only a few seconds or less for a viewer to decide whether or not they like your website.

So this makes instant engagement more important than ever!

How do you achieve this?

Once again this is where it is very important to take on board the less is more approach.

By not overcrowding your landing page will make your page cleaner and more presentable to your audience for this quick judgement.

Often all that it takes is a trendy headline and image and a CTA at the bottom.

Keep in mind, viewers will be slightly influences by how you have used colours, the image used and the negative space surrounding the content.

In less than 5 seconds the viewer will decide all of this and will make to choice of clicking the CTA or not.

3. Video’s

By simply adding a video into your landing page can boost your conversions but up to 86%.

After viewers spend a couple minutes watching a video, they will be more likely to use your CTA.

This is because while watching the video they have a realisation of the importance of the benefits and how useful your product or service will be for them.

Make sure the video is kept rather short and use it as an opportunity to grab your user’s attention by entertaining and educating them which will create a personal connection to them and your business.


4. Contact Information

Viewing your landing page the same as your viewers would will enable to make appropriate placement choices that can quiet easily make a page look to “salesy”.

Most visitors will not click your CTA if your page has this feel about it for simple reasons.

They give off the feeling that you are only there to take their money.

To ease things up, you can add in your contact information somewhere they can view it without clicking on anything.

By doing this they will be more likely to trust you by knowing that you are a legitimate business with a real location. If they want to know more they can call you directly themselves.

5. Page Load Speed

For every second a viewer is delayed viewing a page, the conversion rate drops a huge 7%.

This makes loading speeds of your page necessary to be extremely quick as it also falls under the 5 second rule.

Visitors must be able to understand what you are offering them and the benefits before the initial 5 seconds in up otherwise you’ve lost to much interest.

If your website is suffering from being ultra slow, reduce unnecessary content and do whatever is required to speed it up as this will be your ultimate downfall.


We hope you have been able to take away some vital points for increasing your landing page sales and helping your landing page optimisation strategy!


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