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Finding Your Target Market | Let’s kick this blog off with an obvious point that a lot of us seem to overlook when looking down the path of digital marketing in business. Knowing your target audience! This is one of the most obvious yet frequently missed key points in marketing that happens to most businesses starting up.

In saying this, it is very understandable. During the somewhat infamous start up period, brainstorming ideas, creating products, organising the exposure and more, it can be very easy to overlook your sales strategy and the importance of the role that your target audience plays.

Finding Your Target Market


You may be wondering how to find exactly who your potential consumers are? The answer lies right in front of you, in your product! Somewhere along the way, people tend to forget exactly why they started their business in the first place. They start to follow typical advertising and marketing methods which can lead to a waste of time and money, due to the generic nature. You need to bring it back to basics.
Ask yourself, why did you create your product or service in the first place? What niche or problem were you trying to fill or solve? Think back to the initial reason you took this journey and that will lead you to your target market.

For example, here at Schalch Marketing we realised that there wasn’t really an affordable, transparent and complete solution to digital marketing. So, we networked, brainstormed and put the heads together of our experienced researchers. From there, we could come out with a solution for business allowing them to implement affordable digital marketing from powerful avenues such as SEO, Web Design & Development strategies, Pay per click campaigns, Email marketing and Social Media marketing. All wrapped into one, transparent affordable solution.

Finding Your Target Market | We recommend taking the same direction you should take when you sit back and decide who exactly your marketing and advertising efforts are going to reach. Simply look at your own product and/or service. Analyse it inside and out, who it was made for and what problem it was attempting to solve.

From there, it will become a whole lot clearer for you. Not to mention the increase in sales, conversions and happy potential customers now that they have a need for your products and services!

If you ever need any help with finding your target market contact us, feel free to and use the help of our experts here at Schalch Marketing.


Finding Your Target Market | Schalch Marketing

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