Email Marketing Tips & Points To Consider

Email Marketing Tips | Email marketing is one element of the Digital Marketing scope that plays an essential role within your whole digital marketing campaign.

On average, it is an element that consistently provides high ROI’s and a solid new customer base across a range of industries for both small and medium sized businesses. Email marketing can often be underestimated compared to its counterparts of Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Advertising, however Email Marketing is an element of your Digital Marketing Campaign that you simply can’t afford to leave out. Follow these simple yet effective email marketing tips.



Email Marketing Tips & Points To Consider

There are a few factors to consider when creating your email campaign to ensure you maximise its potential. It is sometimes easy to overlook the technical side of your campaign such as is your email campaign mobile friendly and responsive? If it’s not, then you’re automatically alienating a whopping 45% of your target audience! Something as easy to configure as this, will save you from sending out an email campaign that is instantly going to be pointless to nearly half of your target audience.

Email Marketing Tips | The main thing to remember when you’re constructing the design and the content of your email campaign is that you must not try to sell your product or service before the prospect is ready to purchase. The main objective of an email campaign is to build brand awareness and to promote your product for future sales and clients. Keep in mind the following points:

  • You will need to highlight the benefits of your product or service within the email and how they relate to your target audience.
  • It’s always a good idea to place multiple hyperlinks to your products or website that the customers can follow through to for a purchase or to book an appointment/request further information
  • You need to explain to the readers in a very short time span that they will miss out on this particular deal or offer that you are advertising
  • Last but not least, you will need to have a crystal clear CTA (call to action) as to avoid a potentially large bounce rate.

Email Marketing Tips | After you’ve constructed your email content and design as per your business requirements and taking into consideration the above points, the second most important aspect to executing a top email campaign is to ensure that you have a catchy email subject line. How you execute your campaign relies roughly 94% on how your target audience interprets what your email is about! A bad, irrelevant or boring subject line is the quickest way to ensure that your email won’t be read.

You need to keep your email subject line short and sweet, as the longer the subject line, the more chance you have of the email being closed or deleted, leading to a high bounce rate, particularly on mobile devices. For optimal results, our team strongly recommends using email subject lines with less than 45 characters for your best chance at a higher open rate. This length is ideal for mobile devices as well; so try to fit your information into 45 characters!

Email Marketing Tips | One last very important point to consider before you release your campaign is to use a familiar sender name.

If you think back to when you receive an email in your personal inbox, if it says that is has been sent from a name that you don’t find familiar, are you more inclined to open it or delete it? By using a familiar sender name, your email campaigns will perform better in terms of a larger click-through rate and a higher open rate percentage rather than emails send from a generic email address or a ‘no-reply’ address. Speaking of which, try to avoid the latter at all costs. It looks very generic, will stop people from adding your username to their address book, and also looks as though you have sent mass emails for the sole point of lead generation, rather than being prepared to customise and receive emails back from those who you sent emails to. We hope you’ve enjoyed these Email Marketing Tips provided by our team here at Schalch Marketing!


Email Marketing Tips | Schalch Marketing

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