Free Logo Makers

Create an Impressive Brand Image with Free Logo Makers

A brand’s logo is a vital part of its public image. It needs to be simple yet memorable so that people are able to recognize it anywhere. There are several types of logos. Some are text-based. Others contain both images and text. The last type contains images only. However, these are usually used by already-famous brands such as Apple. You can design a logo of your choice for free using one of the many free logo design templates available online.

The templates available on Canva, which amount to over 8,000 in total, are quite famous. The basic logo designing package is available to users for free. The free logo maker software offers access to its photo gallery for very low prices. You can work individually on Canva’s platform. Additionally, you can also collaborate with nine other team members. The interface is very easy to use since it is based on the user-friendly drag-and-drop design. You also get 1GB of free space to store your work online. Other tools which are similar to Canva, such as UCraft, also offer free logo download to their users.

You can also use Shopify, another free online logo maker, and download your final, completed logo from the website. It is incredibly easy to use and you need no prior knowledge of graphic designing for operating it. The interface is drag-and-drop style. This means that you will be shown a wide assortment of images and designs. You can just pick elements of your choice and drop them on your canvas. Professional-looking logos can easily be made by combining various artistic elements.

Yet another logo maker generator available for free is the one offered by Spaces. The most notable feature of this logo maker is that it generates logos for you itself. All you have to do is enter the name of your business and a few keywords which are related to your business. The software will generate hundreds of potential logos for you and you can pick one of your choice. If you wish to design your own logo, you can do that easily too, since the interface is similar to the one offered by Shopify.

There are many other free options available online. Most of them require no expertise in the field of graphic design. Hence, you can now easily design a creative logo for your business that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.