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Action Content Marketing | In your content strategy we have learnt how to drive traffic with attraction content, show value to your target audience with authority content and built a loyal audience around your brand with affinity content.

All that is left to do now is turn your audience base into customers with action content! This content is purely designed to get users to perform a measurable outcome.

This method of action content marketing is the most important component of content marketing as it is the main sales driver your business will produce.

To see the optimum result out of this content you must produce the other 3 content pieces before even thinking about hitting your audience with action content pieces. Without building a strong trust and bond with your audience prior to trying to make your audience perform a measurable action they will not be willing to spend money on your brand.


Questions to Remember

action content marketing

When you are creating action content for your brand, make sure you are continually asking yourself these 3 questions in order to produce the highest rates of actions taken.

“What action do you want people to take after reading this content?”

“Which piece of past content raised the highest number of actions you wanted?”

“What elements of this content do you think contributed to its success?”


Action Outcomes Preformed by your Audience

Before you create your action content, you should have an idea of a particular action you want users to perform. These actions can consist of the following:

• Email Newsletter Subscriptions
• Purchasing Product or Services
Download Free EBook/Tutorial/Training Course
• Follow you on Social Media
• Participate in a Survey
• Share an Article or Podcast
• Leave a Comment, Like or Share Blog Posts/Statuses on Social Media Channels

By starting off with simple requests you will gain control by getting users comfortable with taking you advice and following your instructions. By doing this repeatedly you will gain more and more trust, step by step until the sale can be made and then repeat.


action content marketing

Writing Successful Action Content | Action Content Marketing

When you are creating these content pieces simply producing interesting content to fill space up will not be good enough here.

You need to develop and follow a business goal which is a lot easier than most would think.

By thinking about what action you would like your audience to take you will be able to construct a basic action content plan around your business goal.

Building trust and taking your audience on a journey through story telling will enable you to build interest, but you must capitalise on this otherwise all your efforts in getting the user this far down your sales funnel will be wasted.

To get users to make the desired action you are after is the about placing easy to follow call to actions in appropriate places.

They need to be easily visible and lead directly to the destination you want the user to go for action content marketing.


Action Content Marketing | Schalch Marketing

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